Tegula Block Paving in Slate with a Charcoal Pedestra Border

What happened during the installation?

For this driveway installation project the customer and ourselves decided upon a design that was a Tegula Block Paved Driveway in Slate with a Charcoal Pedestra Border running around the parameter.

Firstly, using our professional tools, we broke up all the old flags and disposed of them safely.

Using our vibrating plate machinery, we compacted the ground and layered it evenly with sand.

Blocks of slate paving blocks were layered and positioned correctly to map out the design.

Once all the alignments were set and checked we mark the blocks before cutting in the edges. We did this by using tools such as a diamond blade wet saw, paver splitter and hammer and chisel.

  • Planned Design
  • Bolton
  • Installation
  • Block Paving
  • Colour - Slate
  • Charcoal Pedestra Border

Project Complete. Another Happy Customer

The customer was happy with the final result, especially how the overall look impacted nicely on their home providing a clean, new modern look.

Lastly we swept the driveway removing any debris and washed off the driveway making the customer's home look incredibly clean and tidy yet remaining modern.

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